jve2a I was born in Beloit, Wisconsin and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. When a teenager I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Life seems to have come full circle, as I now reside in Wisconsin just outside of Appleton.

As a child my ambition was to be a ballet dancer and I studied with Comikoff in Chicago, but I think I’ve always been a writer. As a child, I made up stories to amuse myself.

I attended the University of New Mexico, the College of St. Joseph on the Rio Grande and Western States University College of Law. I have worked in the banking and insurance industries. I was Director of Publicity for the University of Albuquerque, and was a motel manager. I have used my knowledge of my work as well as the study of dance in the books I write. I’ve appeared in little theater productions in Albuquerque and Chicago.

I enjoy travel and have visited all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and about thirty-five foreign countries. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I did enjoy New Zealand very much. It’s seems to have a little bit of everything.

In my writing I’ve used the various places I’ve lived and visited, and sometimes, I combine a town or two and make them into one.

As a pilot, I flew to some of the locations and enjoyed trips to Aspen for downhill skiing and I’m proud that my son was a member of the UNM Ski Team. These interests, too, sometimes end up in my novels.

So far, I have twenty-nine books published in various genre, have contracts for more, and other stories floating around in my head.