Jeannine’s 25th Novel Released!

aperfecthusband-web My twenty-fifth novel is published and now available.

A Perfect Husband by Jeannine Van Eperen, has been released by  Wings ePress November 1, 2013. The book is available in Trade Paperback and in electronic editions from the publisher .

A Perfect Husband will also be available from , , and others on the internet.

A Perfect Husband is a story of family, of secrets, of love, trust, deceit, and of sisters and promises. This is a story of a family set in a small desert town in California and the green and snowy small city of Appleton, Wisconsin.  Below is just the beginning.

Nothing is so dark as a moonless night on the desert! Jessica knew she was only a couple miles from the restaurant and another few miles to the house but the dark always gave her the creeps. It was a lonely ride this time of night, eleven o’clock. Until nine or so there was traffic enough to keep one busy with other drivers’ car lights, and then again around midnight, some night workers plied the street heading to the airbase at the end of the road, but right now she was in the “in between” with little light and very occasional cars.

At first she was glad to have these hours. With the moon usually hanging bright in the sky the drive was a rather pleasant one, but tonight, no moon, no houses on this stretch it was so very dark.

Jessica glanced in her review mirror and saw headlights behind her and they appeared to be moving up fast, faster than the posted forty miles per hour. She should have been happy to see someone else on the lonely road, but without reason the car’s quick advance frightened her.

“Fool,” she muttered. “Slow down. There’s a curve coming up.” But the approaching vehicle didn’t slow until it was just a few feet behind her. The driver blinked his lights and tapped the car horn lightly. If that driver thinks I’m pulling over for him, he’s got another think coming. Judy Ballard, author of author of Long Haul to Forever and Trouble in Columbus .

Review below by:

Judy Ballard, Author of Long Haul to Forever and Trouble in Columbus

Ms. Van Eperen’s latest, A Perfect Husband, delivers on all levels—romance, infidelity, betrayal, accidental pregnancy, family secrets, and at long last, a true and abiding love. This is Jessica’s story and though she is not looking to have an affair, she falls into one anyway. Her husband, Earl, loves her and their two daughters, but wishes for a son. A dashing test pilot occupies the last third of this love triangle. The saga continues throughout Jessica’s life, and true to this author’s promise to entertain, there is a surprise twist at the end.

Jeannine Van Eperen’s fans already know how expertly she crafts her characters, and A Perfect Husband, is the perfect new story to bring on her new fans.

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